Elijah Waldspeaking dates for Dylan Goes Electric!

I'm doing a series of speaking dates related to my latest book, with lots of nice images and music. The talk is titled, "Dylan Goes Electric: Music, Myth, and History," and the current dates are:

Monday, Nov. 16, 5:30 pm
Wilson Special Collections Library
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
With a display of materials from the Southern Folklife Collection.

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 4:30pm
Parliamentary Room, MTSU Student Union
Hosted by the Center for Popular Music
Murfreesboro, TN

Thursday, Nov. 19, 4pm
George Wells Knight House
Ohio State University, Columbus
Online information

Friday, Nov. 20, 4pm, with reception to follow
Harkness Chapel
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH

Saturday, Nov. 21, 2pm, with reception to follow
Clonick Recording Studio, Kohl Building
Oberlin College Conservatory of Music
Oberlin, OH

Monday, Nov. 23, 3pm, with signing and jam session to follow
University Gallery (Booth/Vignelli buildings)
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Online information

For more information about the book, check out my Dylan Goes Electric! page.

To order a book or ebook from your local independent bookstore: indiegogo button

"splendid, colorful work of musicology and cultural history... Mr. Wald is a superb analyst of the events he describes."
--Janet Maslin, The New York Times

"a deeply researched and entertaining chronicle of the culture clash that Dylan sparked from the Newport stage"
--David Remnick, The New Yorker

"a great work of scholarship, brimming with insight – among the best music books I have ever read."
--John Harris, The Guardian newspaper

"excellent... a rich study of the clash between cultural authenticity and commercial success."
--Timothy Farrington, Wall St. Journal

"touchingly captures a period and a mood...a major contribution to modern musical history."
--Mark Levine, Booklist, starred review.

"As told by Wald, the story of Dylan at Newport is not so much about music as it is about stories themselves, how they mesmerize even as they bumble along and don't always end cleanly. The truth is often messy. And usually that messiness makes for a better story."
--David Kirby, Washington Post

"Elijah Wald's book... feels like a personal statement of an important part of my life. I can't recommend it  enough to anyone who is interested in those extraordinary years."
-George Wein, founder of the Newport Folk Festival

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